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Celebrated for their commanding performances and the resonance of their rich, clear tone, Anastasia Belleza Gastelum is esteemed for their authentic and deeply emotive interpretations. 


Having refined their artistry at prestigious institutions including the Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music, the Peabody Institute of Music, the Cleveland Institute of Music, and earning a Bachelor’s of Music degree from the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music, Anastasia finds delight in continually evolving as a vocalist committed to the pursuit of artistic excellence.


Anastasia is drawn to pushing their technical abilities with Bach Cantatas and is passionate about  advocating for underrepresented voices in music. Additionally, Anastasia excels in regularly crafting innovative and personal solo recitals based around intriguing and unexpected themes, demonstrating a flair for creating unique musical experiences.


They find immense joy in the art of musical collaboration, viewing it as a transformative process that enhances both creativity and connection. Whether engaging in rehearsals, performances, or innovative projects, they cherish the opportunity to blend their unique musical voice with others, creating dialogue that resonates deeply with listeners. Anastasia believes that through collaboration, they not only expand their artistic horizons but also cultivate meaningful relationships within the musical community, fostering a shared passion for bringing music to life in its most vibrant and authentic forms.


Their current ongoing collaborations with distinguished ensembles such as Choral Arts Initiative, Long Beach Camerata Singers, Tonality, C3LA, and 8TPS, demonstrates their dedication to exploring diverse musical expressions.


Their career as a Choral Artist includes notable performances at renowned venues such as Carnegie Hall, Severance Hall, and Walt Disney Concert Hall. Additionally, Anastasia's participation in summer programs, including the Northwestern Bach Academy and the SoCal Chamber Music Workshop, has served to enrich their artistic perspective.


Anastasia finds joy in their unwavering commitment to musical excellence. Coupled with their dedication to authenticity and collaboration, they are fast emerging as a compelling figure in the realm of vocal performance.

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